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My Mother, The Godmother And The True Story Of Michael Corleone Blanco, The Son Of Griselda Blanco “More than fifteen years researching, writing and reconstructing each of the stories of my life, my family and my mother, Griselda Blanco


TOMANDO PEDIDOS PREVIOS ¡ENVÍO YA! Mi Madre, La Madrina Y La Verdadera Historia De Michael Corleone Blanco, El Hijo De Griselda Blanco “Más de quince años investigando, escribiendo y reconstruyendo cada una de las historias de mi vida, la de mi familia y la de mi madre, Griselda Blanco.

My Mother the Godmother

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He is I and I am Him

This book was a great read

This was a good Book from someone who lived through the fast times and is still living I enjoyed reading every page, I just wish Michael Corleone Blanco the best in his future endeavors.
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