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Black Chips


Griselda Blanco son

After putting an end to his life as a drug dealer, Michael was featured in VH1’s reality series ‘Cartel Crew,’ through which he made it clear that he didn’t have any associations with the crime world. “We’re not glorifying the life that we lived. We’re glorifying us now reinventing ourselves because of that life we lived,” Michael told Fox News about featuring in ‘Cartel Crew.’ “My hope is that the public understands that we’re not our parents or we’re not the people in the ‘80s,” he added.


Today, I'm a father, a husband an author, and a creator. You can always change your path and reinvent yourself. 

Destiny is being rewritten by the choices we make in each moment. 

Choose your path wisely!  

- Michael Corleone Blanco

Michael Corleone book signing Griselda Blanco son


the compelling true story of Michael Corleone Blanco, son of Griselda Blanco,

in 'My Mother the Godmother'  This captivating book delves into tumultuous world of drug trafficking, war, and corruption, offering a profound reflection on the impact these forces on innocent lives. Explore Michael's journey to overcome his family's violent legacy and his efforts to ensure such a story is never repeated. Buy the book now

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